5 Aug

Rats in and Around Your Home

Have you ever been putting in bed during the night or playing a movie with your loved ones and all of a sudden you hear scratching, thumping or scampering that seems as if its coming from anywhere. You might now be a casualty of a Rat infestation. Most homeowners will not figure out they’re infested until they either start hearing sounds, a service provider like Plumber, A/C, Cable or Insulation Contractor finds feces at the loft or sees a furry critter scurry across the ground.
Rats have been a nuisance for centuries. They enter tens of thousands of houses and businesses each year. Rats carry diseases and parasites, and which may cause health issues for you and your family. Besides the health problems they can also cause considerable property damage to your property. Rats in the attic can chew on wires that can causes fires. Rats are nocturnal creatures so that they are exceptionally active at night. Unfortunately thats when most people prefer to sleep. It can effects your personal and professional life. Your boss is not going to need to hear, “My cousins at the attic kept me up all night using their scratching”. Before they can harm you, remove this rats as soon as possible.
Now that we have scratched the surface on Rats, lets proceed why they opted to make your house theirs. Rats are interested in just three things: Food, Shelter and Water. If your property doesn’t provide these three things there’s not one far away. Rats don’t travel that far to seek food and water from their nest. Rats prefer to stay hidden and stay in the shadows. Rats can’t really protect themselves from predators so they need a great sturdy structure to stay alive. Rats will often times travel in packs while searching for food.
Rats will use any means possible to gain access onto your roof. Rats are extremely good climbers and do not weigh very much so climbing downhill isn’t a challenge. Tree branches provide the simplest way to get your roof top as a result of branches growing too close to your own roof. Rats may also use Gutters, Fences and Patio displays as other pathways. Rats are always looking for a new home so keep a look out around the outside of your house to see if you may perhaps be providing them with an easy entry point to your home. Once on the roof they’ll discover a means in or create one if one isn’t offered. Most of the time Rats find an present gap left from contractors that built your home like openings in stucco, soffit which is not finished or fascia boards which were never sealed. This occurs in all types of construction. If you believe that your safe because your house is brand new, think again. Rats find these holes and put in your attic with out any battle. So if a Rat makes a new hole, well then it really wished to earn a new residence.
Most houses in Florida that we handle are constructed on a slab and there is absolutely no basement or crawlspace underneath the home. But there are some by the shore or older houses where Rats can live underneath as well. Rats can find entry into walls from A/C lines that were never filled in using appropriate materials, or a cable man could of had to drill a hole that he forgot to seal once finished. Thats why it is necessary to get a proper inspection of your home to ascertain where these Rats could enter. Rat Control may be something quite straightforward but you may have to be patient to catch and eliminate all of them. Straightforward baits can be used to capture Rats. The most used bait professionals utilize would be peanut butter not cheese or slim jims. Other aromas can be utilized. You can use just about anything so long as it remains on the trap.
Recall rats are considering three things: Water, Food and Shelter. Rats are drawn by nearly anything. The Bird Feeder you placed on a tree to watch the birds in the daytime while drinking your coffee is the most likely attracting Rats. You can say ” Well I never view Rats from the Bird Feeder.” How frequently do you watch Birds after dark? The garbage container left open scents great to a Rat. You don’t need your pet eating from a bowl a Rat used. Remember anything may be used as shelter. Keep trash and anything Wildlife may be tempted to consume stored correctly.

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